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We are excited to announce that EXM, the innovative solution for portfolio monitoring and value creation in Private Capital Markets, has been rebranded to "UNTAP by EXM." 

Changing our brand is not a decision we have taken lightly.  A name and logo is more than simply a sequence of letters, its the embodiment of values, the first message offered to our customers and prospects.

As a young company, we wanted a brand that better reflected our passion and our mission, which is to support Private Capital Markets funds in creating value, fully understanding their investments and reporting with clarity and precision to their investors. We believe that UNTAP describes well the energy and drive that Private Capital Markets inject in companies, supporting ambitious growth targets, expanding commercial horizons and transforming good organizations into great organizations.

“We are really excited to have a brand that mirrors the energy and pace of our clients. Combined with our new co-sourcing services, our clients are able to focus on untapping the potential within the portfolio with a platform that’s kept up to date by us.”

- Juan Manrique, CEO and Founder


UNTAP is designed to accelerate the digitalisation growth of Private Capital Markets funds, simplifying data gathering and analysis through automation, while offering a unique perspective in the Value Creation processes that are taking place in their portfolio companies.

UNTAP is built specifically around the requirements of Private Capital Markets and the wave of digitalisation that is opening new opportunities in data management, analytics, AI-driven analysis, and value-added reporting. UNTAP is also at the forefront of ESG data tracking and transformational strategies, supporting the industry-wide shift in embracing ESG as a Value Creation tool rather than a compliance chore.

UNTAP is the solution of choice for GPs that want to be leaders in the digital transformation wave that is changing the Private Capital Markets industry.

Get in touch to learn more about how our next generation portfolio management solution can help you untap your companies potential.

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