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The power of portfolio monitoring, value creation planning and ESG tracking in one flexible solution

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Portfolio Monitoring

Transform your standalone portfolio monitoring from a back-office reporting tool to a sophisticated platform fully integrated with your value creation planning and ESG monitoring. Increase alignment across your investment and operating partners, finance team and portfolio companies.

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Value Creation Planning

Connecting your VCP with portfolio monitoring and sustainability metrics gives you increased confidence that your portfolio companies will achieve their growth targets and drive sustainable returns .



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ESG tracking

Combining ESG metrics with your VCP and portfolio monitoring means that you can measure, benchmark and improve your sustainability goals and clearly demonstrate to your stakeholders the positive improvements that are being achieved to drive sustained growth.


Financial Results + Value Creation + ESG

= Portfolio Management

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UNTAP Portfolio Management helps you consolidate your financial results, value creation planning and ESG metrics giving you


Streamlined data iconIncreased confidence of achieving growth in Earned Value.

ESG icon greenIncreased confidence of achieving sustainable returns.

Improved transparency between investors and shareholders iconImproved transparency between investors and portfolio companies.


UNTAP supports and helps you overcome common challenges when delivering sustainable returns

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Move from simple financial control into pro-active strategic value-creation across all your portfolio companies


Optimised Reporting

Optimised Reporting

Automated information flow to support your monthly and quarterly reporting including IRR calculations, TVPI, multiples at asset and fund level

Productive Board meetings

Productive Board Meetings

More effective control and communication of all actions generated from key meetings across your Portfolio

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Control your ESG KPIs and your improvement actions across the portfolio, integrating automated CO2 calculations and benchmarks

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Improves alignment

Aligns the Executive team, Board, Investment and Finance teams with the same objectives and priorities

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Streamlined data collection

Interface directly with companies’ accounting systems and back office to ensure financial data is accurate and timely

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Enhanced Data Insight

Powerful BI engine offers you the richest possible ‘real-time’ data insights. Present accurate, reliable, concise quarterly reports to stakeholders and shareholders

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Strategic Agility

Robust value creation tracking acts as an early warning system allowing you to manage risks and issues efficiently enabling you to change direction quickly to keep momentum in value creation.


We work with our customers to provide a tailored, flexible solution that meets their exacting challenges in portfolio monitoring.

"The bigger value that we needed to get out of EXM was something that we could use across our whole portfolio to link up all of the various stakeholders. You can see the information flow from the portfolio companies back office all the way to LP reporting"

Warren Gee

Chief Portfolio Officer, Cairngorm Capital

"EXM is a solution that is relatively quick to implement and the EXM team has given us great support both during and after implementation in our portfolio"

Portfolio Manager

European GP

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