Control your journey

Full investment lifecycle support, from due diligence and 100-day plan, through bolt-on integration and exit

All on the same page

Untap maintains all key stakeholders aligned and focused on initiatives that have the highest impact on value

Easy progress updates

Updating progress via Excel plug-in or directly online to keep everyone informed of the status of the Value Plan

Deeper Insight

Standard reporting framework provide a common language for communication from the executive team to the board

Use your Know-How

Translate your knowledge into Playbooks that are automatically triggered when results are not going as planned

Increase your agility

Untap provides the data insight needed for faster and more effective decision making at the board level

How you create value

Common framework to measure effectiveness of value creation, connecting financial and operational performance

Real ESG Impact

Build ESG improvements directly into the Value Creation Plan to ensure the right focus on ESG opportunities

A Strong & Scalable framework for your Value Creation

optimised _portfolio
The UNTAP value creation framework helps you to align, orchestrate and maximise your value creation cycle

Align. Orchestrate. Maximise

Improves alignment icon


Strengthens alignment with the leadership team by identifying and continuously sharing objectives. Planning is simplified and every area of growth is clear and transparent.

Orchestrate icon


Execute plans and track progress. A repeatable model that keeps teams focused, following best-practice, building value, reducing risks and motivating all team members to deliver value.

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Enhanced focus on value creation and increased visibility of strategy execution keep teams aligned with the overall plan and empower them to deliver their actions and objectives.

The full picture of your portfolios value creation

Value Creation Bridge screenshot (1)

Clear analysis of financial creation by strategy

Key Initiatives screenshot

Dynamic analysis of the progress of actions and initiatives

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