We are happy to announce the latest Untap release (version 4.3.1). Our roadmap is always driven by the needs and priorities of our customers, as well as innovative ideas that we want to make available to the Private Capital community for their portfolio management needs. This latest release contains various small improvements but, in particular, a very cool and innovative feature to help the production of monthly and quarterly reports.

At Untap we know that one of the biggest headache for our customers is the production of monthly internals and quarterly reports for investors. Lots of data to organize, tables to be produced, graphs to be designed and then transferring all these pieces into a well planned layout. Unfortunately this is too often a very manual process, requiring a lot of resources, time and prone to errors as data is moved between various systems and Excel.

One of Untap’s missions is to eliminate all friction points in the processing of data in Private Equity funds, from data acquisition at portfolio company level, all the way to final reporting. As part of our continuos improvement effort, the current release add a powerful functionality to control the production of quarterly reports. Each fund report is broken into single components (e.g., a commentary, a graph, a data table) that are created and populated in Untap. With release 4.3.1 our customers are able to create ad-hoc approval processes for each component of their reports. When the owner has completed a section  (e.g., a market commentary, a fund performance graph), the item can be assigned for approval to one or multiple supervisors that give the OK or request amendments/corrections, all in a closed and auditable communication loop inside Untap.  After all the approvals are completed the content is ready to be automatically exported into Powerpoint or Word and assembled into the final report.

The automated report creation and approval feature is another important step in our mission to streamline and simplify portfolio monitoring within Private Equity funds. If you are interested to know more about how we can help your Private Equity fund to manage your portfolio more efficiently, contact us for a demo.

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