Digitalisation and business resilience in the age of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is a global human tragedy with a direct impact on the lives of billions across the world, as a secondary effect, it is also an immense challenge for businesses and the economy in general.

Business is about exchanging goods and ideas, team working, meeting customers and colleagues, networking, pooling resources together to achieve complex goals. All things that are made more difficult if not impossible by the correct preventative measures being adopted across many countries at present.

Make full use of technology

As businesses and as communities, it is very important to find ways to minimise the impact of this virus and its consequences not only, clearly, on the health of all the population but also on the way we function as a society at large and, in particular, as businesses. Thanks to the developments in technology that we have witnessed in the last 20 years, we have many tools available to mitigate and control as much as possible the impact of these challenges.

Smart working and teleconferences are now widely available and used but the current crisis will definitely expand their adoption and utilisation. Many face-to-face meetings will be substituted by video calls, having as a positive side effect also to lessen the environmental footprint due to travelling, and more people will work at least partially from home. Collaborative tools like Slack or Teams will take the place of many morning meetings and, while nothing can perfectly replace the personal interaction built by physical presence, probably 70% of meetings will not suffer too much and possibly be even more productive.

At UNTAP by EXM we believe strongly in the opportunities offered by digitalisation of communication and the online control and tracking of objectives and initiatives linked to Value creation. Our solution is also designed to support pro-active risk management and ESG metrics control, to allow companies and PE portfolios to respond as effectively as possible to disruptions and challenges like the one we are currently experiencing.


Build business resilience

Resilience in businesses and communities is built by working smarter and leveraging the many tools that technology is putting at our disposal. UNTAP by EXM is an important addition to the portfolio of solutions that can support a PE fund in the process of controlling remotely the performance of its assets and gather key information about the progress of strategic initiatives and key risks.

The Coronavirus crisis is a challenge that will force companies to confront the way they work and will certainly lead to discoveries of a more effective way of collaborating. UNTAP by EXM is ready to help.

To learn more about how UNTAP by EXM can help you develop better business resilience in the age of Coronavirus download our brochure or get in touch.

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