Bridge to the future: how private equity sees the world after Coronavirus. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit Europe and, later, the UK, we were suddenly forced to confront a shock for which no amount of planning prepared us.

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Through a series of interviews with several private equity funds we explored their thoughts, not just on the immediate business threats and disruption posed by the outbreak, but also on the changes we can expect to see in the near future to the process of value creation.  

It addresses areas such as what we learned in lockdown, past lessons that can help us, the importance of building resilience through partnerships and how to adjust to a post-COVID world.

Our White Paper brings together the findings and explores the main trends that are going to accelerate in the next 24 months, how value creation is going to evolve and what role private equity can play to support the economy’s post-COVID recovery. 

Key themes include:

  • Strategic agility
  • Digital transformation
  • ESG impact
  • Private equity as a value creation driver post-crisis

This White Paper would not have been possible without those who kindly shared their experiences, comments, insights and viewpoints and we are grateful to everyone that contributed. 

We hope that it will facilitate the recovery discussion and assist with your post-COVID value-creation planning.

Juan Manrique, CEO UNTAP by EXM


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