Untap, a leading ESG & Portfolio Management solution provider to Private Equity Funds is adopting Novacene’s IoT & proprietary Data Analytics solution for built environments. The partnership reinforces Untap’s “Data Driven Automation” strategy designed to augment fund performance by solving the challenges of planning, managing and meeting sustainability targets. The joint solution automates the data aggregation, analytics, planning and sustainability reporting for portfolio company Boards and GP’s fund reporting.  

Since 2019 Untap recognized that the “E” within ESG had proven the most complex component to aggregate accurate business data on.  Private Equity funds also recognize that credible sustainability plans with measurable track records are important to investment cycle, are increasingly part of due diligence and that their LLP investors increasingly use ESG as a key allocation criteria.  

 Novacene market leading analytics and its ability to design and deploy its IoT sensor array network in any building within days provides the fastest and most cost-effective solution to these challenges.  Novacene has an established track record in automating the aggregation of all the data needed to permanently reduce the carbon footprint of any facility.

For the first time, PE funds have a “One Complete Solution”, producing real time actionable insights for leadership teams across their portfolio’s. Energy efficiency, business context, internal air quality, occupancy levels can be extracted from any building or operational setting. The insights then feed in to Untap’s PE fund dashboards, Board Packs and integrated with LLP reporting as required.

 “Novacene’s hyper-intelligent building technology is a fantastic addition to Untap’s data-driven approach to Private Equity Value Creation and ESG outcomes,” said Manfredi Bargioni, CEO of Untap Software, “at Untap we are extremely excited at the levels of actionable insights we are able to extract at low cost and how accurate information translates into measurable results. Our customers can then achieve significant savings on energy consumption while reducing CO2 emissions.”

“We built Novacene with a simple goal, to accelerate the pace that CO2 is removed from the built environment. To do this we engineered a “One Complete Solution” that is fast to deploy, affordable, non-disruptive to the business and enabled with highly intelligent analytics.  Our partnership with Untap is a crucial step towards that goal.  The Private Equity sector is a massive UK employer, with a tremendous built environment and carbon footprint. It also has investors that are very focused on fund performance but also increasingly sensitive to sustainability outcomes. Untap’s technology stack and its track record in the PE world is very exciting.  We can remove many thousands of tons of CO2 permanently working in partnership,” said Bill Clee, CEO at Novacene. He went on to say that  “the uniqueness of our real-time data, combined with powerful data analytics and reported through Untap is unique to Private Equity.”


About Untap Software  

Untap Software is the next generation solution for Portfolio Management in Private Capital markets, Untap is designed to help Private Equity manage their investments in the most pro-active and data driven way. From the collection of financial and operational KPIs to the monitoring of strategic initiatives and ESG metrics and improvement actions, and the creation of advanced dashboards and automated monthly and quarterly reports, Untap is built around the new digital requirement of the most successful Private Equity general partners.


About Novacene

Novacene’s mission is to simplify how buildings can achieve carbon reduction targets by getting them on the true path to carbon net-zero. Novacene recognises that tangibly reducing a business’ carbon footprint relies on the right data for capture, analysis and insight. Novacene’s first of its kind solution delivers all three, thanks to data that is live, accurate, fully curated and capable of producing the measurable savings and reports needed for the “E” in ESG. There’s no guesswork - just proper science and mathematics. Novacene’s clients are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their commercial buildings, world-renowned heritage sites and schools.    www.novacene.io

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