UNTAP by EXM's Consultant, Joseph Baker explains how to keep momentum with your value creation planning during a crisis or prolonged periods of disruption.

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There is no doubt that the shock that has been created by the Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and unpredictable, which has made planning any response extremely difficult, not to mention having to deal with the operational and financial strains that we are all effected by.   

Based on lessons from the previous crisis and the emerging outlook we are starting to see today, I would say communication and agility are two of the most critical factors that help companies survive and navigate a fluid market. Indeed, there are already quite a few examples where businesses have acted quickly and collectively to pivot their temporarily dormant resources and expertise into new business opportunities.

I think it’s clear that technology has played a huge part in the fight for business continuity, with evidence already suggesting that those businesses that have adopted more digital practices have been able to better adapt. Critical to this is the ability to quickly and effectively communicate to all corners of your business, ensuring alignment in direction and enabling a more agile strategy.  

UNTAP by EXM is a cloud-based solution, purpose-built for the private equity market and designed to support everyday value creation, through the good times and through the bad.   

Being a single, shared cloud platform, it allows you to plan and orchestrate value creation across different countries, different offices or indeed from your home. Every stakeholder is kept up to date on live information and the status of all initiatives that are put in place to respond to a  crisis like this, plus the impact of these actions over the KPIs of the business. Everybody on the same page and ready to take action and collaborate from anywhere.  

This single source of critical business information enables company-wide communication of strategy, providing a platform for you to quickly adapt your business activity to reflect the environment you are in.  

There really are only a few simple steps for you to plan, create, assign and orchestrate new actions or objectives to reflect any direction that you would move your strategy.  

Managing you or your team's actions and objectives effectively is one thing, but in times of crisis reporting to investors and the board inevitably becomes more vital and demanding. Our live reporting is quick and easy, enabling you to pull a weekly, monthly or annually performance data report together instantly to share, whether to monitor individual workload within a team or provide concise overviews to the board.   You can even manage these meetings within the platform, recording minutes or saving a video conference recording, plus any actions agreed can be seamlessly integrated into the value creation plan, to be actioned and monitored alongside all the other progress.  

I think these two examples highlight a few features of UNTAP by EXM that can make a huge difference in times of crisis, when clear, decisive and perfectly communicated action is absolutely paramount.

Optimise your value creation planning

If you would like to optimise your post-COVID value creation planning, we have produced a free White Paper: Bridge to the future - how private equity sees the world after coronavirus that explores the main trends that are going to accelerate in the next 24 months, how value creation is going to evolve and what role private equity can play to support the economy’s post-COVID recovery.  We hope it will contribute positively to your value creation your post-COVID value creation planning.


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