EXM recently collaborated with the BVCA on a webinar "COVID-19 and the future of value creation"

The webinar explores key trends that will accelerate in the next 24 months, how value creation is going to evolve, and what role private equity can play to support the economy’s post-COVID recovery.

Panellists Manfredi Bargioni, COO, EXM Insight, Maria Carradice, Mayfair Equity Partners,  Warren Gee, Cairngorm Capital,  Simon Poole, Helios Investment Partners and Leon de Bono, BVCA offer engaging insight and viewpoints in the areas of strategic agility, digital transformation, ESG impact and the role of private equity as a value creation driver post-crisis.

They also share the challenges that coronavirus posed, how it impacted their business, how they overcame them and the activities that are now shaping their post-covid value creation planning.


We are grateful to the panellists for their contribution to the webinar and everyone at the BVCA who helped make it one of their most-watched sponsored webinars.

We hope that you enjoy the webinar and that it contributes positively to your post-covid value creation planning. 

Juan Manrique, CEO, EXM Insight

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